The TexSelect Farms Weekly Harvest Box is a convenient way to bring fresh, local food to every meal your family enjoys. We currently offer two pick up locations, The Clearfork Farmers Market every Saturday from 8AM-12PM.

You can expect up to 1 pound of freshly harvested mixed greens, a head of specialty heirloom lettuce,  a bundle of herbs, specialty greens, and a variety of freshly packed nutritious microgreens. These products are all made to enhance your weekly grocery list with fresh flavor, fresh color, nutrient dense options, and what to do with them.

By subscribing to the Harvest Box program you are signing up for a weekly subscription of freshly harvested, locally grown, all natural produce brought to your space from your local neighborhood greenhouse and local farmer.



Local, Fresh, Nutritious Food

The TexSelect Harvest Box is a way to eat fresh, healthy, nutritious, farm fresh produce harvested and grown locally each week specifically for you!  No middle men, no grocery store, no barcodes, and no food miles! 

Heirloom and Culinary Variety 

Here at TexSelect farms we only utilize GMO-Free Seeds from a variety of trusted seed providers. With every box you will receive a wide variety of GMO-Free, heirloom specialty greens, unique lettuces, nutritious microgreens, and culinary herbs and more. Boxes change weekly and utilize produce you can not find in your neighborhood grocery store.

One of our first Weekly Harvest Boxes

One of our first Weekly Harvest Boxes

Sustainability and Locality 

With every Harvest Box purchased you are supporting the local economy by keeping your food dollars close to home, helping a small farmer grow a healthier future for the community as a whole, and growing a sustainable food system in DFW.

Pesticide Free, GMO-Free, and Knowing your Farmer

Our farm aims to go beyond organic and never utilizes poisonous pesticides, harmful herbicides, and grow produce with care and love based on the Good Agricultural Practices certifications and we are always available at your local farmers market to share ideas, share a laugh, and talk to see what is going on at the farm!