Saturday Farmers Market

4:23AM. Saturdays start off with that rich cup of black coffee, freshly ground, and piping hot way before the sun even has a chance to get up and start the day. The greenhouse would be quite most other early mornings (besides the sound of the plants growing.) but since the first TexSelect Farmers market was was 2 hours away John and I were busy bustling and causing all sorts of commotion. Last minute labeling details, a square reader walk through, and packing up the freshly harvested microgreens, leafy lettuce, and herbs. Bright eyed the 4runner was loaded up and ready to go with 2 coolers, a freshly chalked sign, and all the plants you could want. It was the beginning of a new chapter of providing food for the community and Fort Worth entirely.

The Clearfork Market celebrated their 1 year anniversary and did it in good form. Lindsey Lawing the market manager organized the birthday celebration for the market and it went off smashingly. Patrons enjoyed fresh cupcakes and the sweet summer air as they looked over the local produce brought to the market. Farmers greeted people with friendly smiles and "Happy Saturday!" (well at least I did.)