Since 2015, TexSelect Farms has been an innovative local grower with proprietary growing concepts and designs. We are conveniently located 20 miles West of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We grow without GMO's in a pesticide-free controlled, greenhouse environment using sustainable agricultural practices, while utilizing innovative farming technology. We are focused on producing premium and flavorful produce while utilizing the most sustainable methods.

We believe in producing the most nutritious produce for our families and as well as yours. By harvesting daily and early, we ensure the healthiest and most fresh produce will be provided to you.

We strive for 100% sustainability, creating a local food network around the hubs in which we live and thrive. Way aim to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing food miles and conserving the Earths precious resources. By growing local produce and having year round availability, we are creating a healthier community and growing Texas agriculture in the process.

We continue to research, elevate, and innovate everything we do. All the way from hydroponics to urban agricultural development and sustainability practices in farming as we know it and into the future.

We grow Local Texas Produce. We grow the Lone Star way. We Grow the TexSelect way.

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Quality Local Produce

TexSelect Farms harvests fresh, pesticide free, non-GMO produce daily. We have developed practices to ensure fresh storage and transportation of our produce for the local community of the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex.

We want to give our community fresh, crisp, nutritious and delicious produce by decreasing food miles and increasing freshness!